Personally, no I’m not a teacher though we do have fully qualified teachers that work for Starr Tutoring.

When I first starting tutoring I was concerned not being a teacher would prevent me from being eligible to tutor.

I had a degree in childcare and education and had completed many additional qualifications particularly based around learning through play and dyslexia.

When I voiced my concerns a friend explained to me, and once it was explained it made perfect sense, that teachers are taught how to teach something a specific way. If the child doesn’t understand it, the teacher will just repeat the method again in the hope that the child will grasp it when explained a second time.

But sometimes it takes someone to come in and explain it by using a completely different perspective.

Years ago, when I was sitting my GCSE’s I couldn’t get algebra. It just didn’t make any sense to me. The teacher had been over it a couple of times in class and I think had come to the realisation I just wasn’t going to get it.

However, my dad sat down with me that evening and explained solving equations to me by explaining it as a set of scales that I needed to keep balanced. Whatever I did to one side had to be repeated to the other side as well. I got it, I don’t know whether it was because he had taken the time to explain it to me one to one or whether it was his different way of approaching the situation but it suddenly made complete sense.

I use this method in lessons today and it still continues to make sense to people. My dad was an amazing man and I will forever be truly grateful to him for the patience he showed in explaining things to me when I sat my GCSE’s.

Most the tutors who aren’t qualified teachers have a background of working in education and have a sound subject knowledge.

Others have completed our training and have access to our support and resources.

I have complete confidence in everyone who works for Starr Tutoring. I have to have as I realise that if the tutor doesn’t live up to expectations it is the reputation I have worked hard at building up will be at stake. You are only as strong as your weakest link…