Yes, we have tutors that are able to tutor maths and English childrenĀ from reception to the end of GCSE.

When working with these younger children we will put a lot more emphasis on games during the lesson and more kinaesthetic learning.


Research has proven that if we relax we are in a better state of mind to learn.

Also the larger variety of resources we use, the more neuropathways we are creating. This means that when the brain needs to recall the information there are more memories stored in the brain to help with this.

The other advantage of using games is that they are fun… If a child is enjoying themselves they will be more inclined to want to participate.

Participation results in practice and the more we practice the better we become.

We can cover the syllabus for reception, key stage 1, key stage 2, Key stage 3 and key stage 4.

We can also work on Functional Skills with adults if required.