Here are some of the questions we are most commonly asked when someone is looking for a tutor.

I hope they answer any questions you may have, but if there is something else you would like to ask, please do get in touch on:


What does a tutor cost?


Where will the lessons take place?


How long do the lessons last?


Do you do an initial assessment?


Are you a teacher?


Can we meet you before the lesson?


Am I required to stay with my child?


Do you tutor primary aged children?


Do you tutor Secondary school aged maths?

Yes, we have tutors who are able to tutor children from Key stage 3 and key stage 4 (GCSE).

We can also support primary school children and adults doing their functional skills exams if required.


Can you support my child with spelling and punctuation?


My child is struggling with comprehension. Can you help?


Do you just do 1 to 1 tutoring or do you work with small groups as well?



I just want to learn a bit more about the service you offer.

I think the easiest way to answer this is to ask you to read our “about us” page:

If this doesn’t answer your questions, please do get in touch


My child is dyslexic, can you help?


My son is really stressed and lacking confidence. He’s sitting his mock exams over the next 2 weeks.





Do you offer tutoring for the 11+?


Yes we do. Like our maths and English tutoring the lessons will take place in your home and we will provide everything that is needed.

We use a range of activities but will always focus on your child’s strengths and weaknesses rather than having a generic pre-prepared syllabus to work through.

What is our pass rate like?

To be honest varied. This is for several reasons. Sometimes we only work with a child a couple of times before the exams. Sometimes we will support children we were previously supporting in maths and English and the parents have asked us to spend some of the time working with their child. The parent’s often state they don’t expect their child to pass but want them to take the test and have some idea of what to expect when they go in there.

Other children do pass, several have very nearly passed and have got in on appeal.

What I would say when looking for an 11+ tutor, one of the huge indicators on how well the child will do is based upon how much they want to go to the grammar school. If they don’t want it the odds of them passing is much lower. It has to be an internal drive rather than an external force.



Do I need to book a group of lessons?

No, not at all, if at any time you decide the lessons aren’t working you can stop.

If you do decide to book/ pay for a set of lessons in advance it will be slightly cheaper though.

If you pay for 5 lessons up front the cost will reduce to £35/hour (£175 for 5 lessons)

If you pay for 10 lessons up front the cost will drop down again to £30/hour (£300 for 10 lessons)


I’m looking for an after school tutor to visit our home.

That will be no problem. Most of the tutoring we do is in an evening after the children finish school or on a weekend. We also make it our policy to travel to you as this is part of our mission statement:

“To build confidence and knowledge in maths and English in the comfort of your own home”



What subjects do you teach?

At Starr Tutoring we support maths and English from primary age through to the end of GCSE. We also support adults who are returning to education in qualifications which are equivalent to these levels such as functional skills.



I don’t know if a tutor is the right answer. What other options are available?

There are many options available and it will depend what works for you as a family.

There are many books on the market or sheets/ activities that can be downloaded from the internet that you can use to support your child yourself.

Each week I send out an email offering hints and tips in supporting your child with maths and English. If you would like to receive this just let me know by emailing me at:

I have also created a FREE times tables course which offers activities for teaching your child their times tables. It is based around the games I use in lessons.

The templates for these games can also be downloaded here:

I have a Facebook group “Support your child with maths and English” where you will find support and can ask any questions you may have.

I mentioned previously the book (Support your child with reading and spelling difficulties) I published a couple of years back which can be accessed through Amazon or email me directly at and I will pop a copy in the post for you. It will be cheaper doing it like this as it will only cost £1.50 +p&p.



I want to be a tutor.

We are often looking for tutors so please do get in touch with a covering letter and a copy of your CV. If a covering letter isn’t included I won’t be able to consider the application.

These need sending to

We have also recently set up Start Tutoring. This is an online membership group for people who are looking to start their own tutoring business. You can find out more about it here: Start Tutoring

Alternatively you may decide to become a Starr Tutoring Brand Associate. These are people who own their own tutoring business but work under the Starr Tutoring brand. You will receive training, support with your marketing and we will obviously do our upmost to ensure your business is a success. For more details on this, please click here

Any questions on any of these, please do get in touch: