Are you looking for a tutor that you can guarantee will boost your / your child’s confidence as well as their knowledge?

Knowing that the tutor is DBS checked offers the piece of mind that you need.

Here are the tutors who are associated with Starr Tutoring


Starr Tutoring Employees


Starr Tutoring Employees have all received fantastic feedback and I am proud to have each and everyone one of them work at Starr Tutoring.

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Ally has been described as “amazing”. Her background in special needs and her warm personality are what sets her apart from the rest. She is also our Special Needs advisor over in the Starr Tutoring Association. Everyone Ally has worked with has offered amazing feedback.

Ally works with children in key stages 3 and 4 at all levels of ability. Ally is based in Aylesbury and Thame.


Helen is a primary school teacher who has been regarded as making a huge difference to the children she has worked with. Helen understands the importance of using a range of resources and making every lesson varied and fun.

Helen works with key stages 1 and 2 and is based in Aylesbury.

Fioella is new to Starr Tutoring. We are just awaiting her DBS check. She again has a lovely warm personality and an understanding that lessons need to be focused upon the child’s personal needs and learning style.

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Starr Tutoring Brand Associate.png

This opportunity is only available to a very small number of people, but for those people it will be the opportunity of a life time.

These people are team players. The most important team they will create will between themselves and the tutee that they are working with. You will be a study companion. Someone to motivate, guide, inspire and help them to build the knowledge that they need to keep up with their peers, to pass their exams or to survive in everyday life.

They are enthusiastic, energetic and encourages individual ability.
They are never cynical. No one is perfect. Not you nor I, nor the person we are working with. They always remember this and remember that we all learn differently and at our own pace. If someone doesn’t get it the first time, the second time, the third time. Don’t get stressed, don’t get critical. A Starr Tutoring Brand Associate understands it is our responsibility to help them find the answers. To understand why it works this way. If they don’t get it, we need to be willing to look in at ourselves and ask whether it is our explanation that is the problem, rather than their inability to understand.

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These are independent tutors who are growing their own tutoring business. They are committed to learning and growing and like the Starr Tutoring Employees and Brand Associates are members of the Starr Tutoring Association.

They cover a wealth of subjects and like the other tutors associated with Starr Tutoring strive to be the best tutors in the area that they teach. (Both geographically and in their chosen subjects).

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Caroline Spruce: Key stage 4 and 5 Science. Works from her home in Thame, Oxfordshire. 07752400148