Yes, we have supported many children with comprehension tasks.

A game I regularly play in my lessons is a board game I created a few years back.

On the board there are 3 different coloured circles (or pictures related to the child’s interests or the specific book) which appear 6 times each.

Imagine one of the colours is red, another yellow and the third one is green.

I will choose to be green and you have chosen to be red.

You can move around the board in any direct you please, but once you have set off you must keep going in that direction.

If anyone lands on a green, I will have to read a paragraph, page or chapter; whichever is most appropriate.

If anyone lands on a red it will be your turn to read.

If anyone lands on a yellow they will have to complete a forfeit such as: move forward 2 spaces, have another go, read another page, other person reads etc. These will be determined by a roll of the dice.

At the end of the section you ask the other person a question about something you have just read. (In lessons I have predetermined questions according to the text and the child’s focus).

This game is great because you can both be “really mean to the other person!!” or you can manipulate it so that the child is never pushed too far out of their comfort zone. It also takes the stress off that person having to do all the reading.

If you have a go at the game, I hope you enjoy it.