Is tutoring something you have considered?

Do you want to make a difference to someone’s knowledge in a particular subject?

If you could boost their confidence and self esteem, how would it make you feel?

Imagine a job where you are genuinely appreciated and no two days are ever the same.


If this does sound like you, how would you want to go about actually becoming a tutor?


Here are three options that we have to hand that might help:


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As an independent person who has their own terms and conditions. They choose their own style, what they tutor, how they do it and where?
If this sounds like you and you would like some support in getting started or growing your tutoring business, have a look at the Starr Tutoring Association. It is a platform run by Starr Tutoring that will offer you tutorials on growing your own business. Annual awards to prove the quality of the service you provide. Advice from special needs and safeguarding experts. Other tutors to get advice and guidance from. Contracts that you can swipe and tweak or use straight off as your own.

For more details on the Starr Tutoring Association, CLICK HERE






Maybe you are looking for the security of a contracted job. Again, Starr Tutoring can help if you live in the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire area and you are looking to tutor maths and English.

We have high expectations of our tutors.

  • We expect them to travel to the tutees house and to use a range of resources.
  • They must have empathy and the ability to share their knowledge in an interesting and compassionate way.

If this sounds like you and you want more details fill in the contact form below with an explanation as to why you think you would be a suitable candidate for this post.




Maybe you want the adventure of starting your own business but you want the support and guidance of an established company.

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If this is the case a Starr Tutoring Brand Associate could be a path worth considering. You will get all the training you will need to get you started.

  • You will get free membership to the training and support that the Starr Tutoring Association offers.
  • You are invited to bi-monthly training sessions in Aylesbury where we will delve into growing your company and taking it from strength to strength.
  • There is the option to blog on the main Starr Tutoring website and attach you contact details as an additional form of free marketing to help you to get started.
  • Your profile and contact details will also be available on the main Starr Tutoring website.

For more details on becoming a Starr Tutoring Brand Associate fill in the form below with your address requesting a copy of the information and we will put one straight in the post for you.