The prospect of being a Brand Ambassador is only available to those who pass a strict interview process


Starr Tutoring Brand Ambassador are those who own their own tutoring company whilst working under the Starr Tutoring Brand.

They are people with a passion for tutoring, a creative flair and a deep seated desire to make a huge difference to the confidence and knowledge of those they work with.


The Brand Ambassadors will have complete training on starting their own tutoring business.

This will include training on:

  • Planning lessons
  • Structuring lessons
  • Creating resources
  • Writing appropriate policies
  • Marketing your business


There is a start-up investment to become a Brand Ambassadors of just £247


Apart from the training above this investment will include:

  1. 100 Business cards
  2. Fliers
  3. A page on the Starr Tutoring website with your contact detail displayed so you can be contacted directly by parents.
  4. Access to blog on the Starr Tutoring website so you can boost your own tutoring profile
  5. Free membership to the Tutor’s Group
  6. A bumper starter pack for yourself and 5 starter packs for those you are going to be tutoring
  7. Your DBS check


The ongoing monthly investment of just £127 will cover the cost of raising your profile through Google and Facebook Ads and subsidising all future starter packs.

This small monthly investment will also cover the cost of any ongoing support that you need.

This amount will save you a fortune as it is minimal compared to what it costs to successfully market a company.

Why would you want to become a Starr Tutoring Brand Ambassador?

Being a Starr Tutoring Brand Ambassador is a fantastic opportunity for you if you want to own your own tutoring business that you can put your heart and soul into. You want to build your own successful company and reap the rewards that this can bring.

But at the same time the cost of creating your own website (this can cost several thousand pound), building your reputation, knowing what to do and how to do it may be either something that is of no interest to you or just too expensive at the moment.

You are scared of making mistakes and aware of the financial consequences this can have. It is not something you want to risk. Becoming a Starr Tutoring Brand Ambassador would help to protect you as we will guide you every step of the way.

You may feel that although it is something you would like to do, you need a mentor to help guide you as you set off on your journey. We will be there to support you every step of the way.

By working as a Brand Ambassador you would also be regarded as self-employed so you again benefit, this time from being able to claim back many of your costs against your TAX.


Who is eligible to apply to be a Starr Tutoring Brand Ambassador?

In order to apply you need the following:

  • A clean driving licence
  • A background of working in an educational environment
  • The ability to share your knowledge with others. Explaining things in a range of formats and in their simplest form
  • A desire to support others in learning maths and / or English
  • A creative streak
  • Honesty, empathy and compassion
  • You need to be friendly and warm
  • The availability to work on an evening and weekend
  • The drive to build your own successful business (with our ongoing support)


How do I apply?

If this is something you may be interested in, email me at a copy of your CV and a covering letter explaining clearly why you would like to be a Starr Tutoring Brand Ambassador


If you don’t think this is for you but you are interested in starting your own tutoring business, The Tutor’s Group may be for you. Click here to find out more